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E-Business Vs E-Commerce

With the growth in online social media its easy to forget the difference between the two. ... some people use the terms "e-business" and "e-commerce" interchangeably, but they aren't synonymous. To put it simply 
e-commerce refers to buying and selling online, while e-business encompasses all business conducted online.  

Telreia.com is a multi-functional E-Business with many of its core services in information management, digital sales and marketing, and online communication.  Although the Telreia.com platform has been active for several years, the key independent projects currently in circulation demonstrate that we have become better at our "craft" and have recently been updated to reflect the quality of that offering

There have been some new consolidated objectives introduced, customer interface, and improved add-on features for a number of end-user services.   We provide the initial basework and application for domain and web hosting deployment

Our main areas  of interest is helping to grow business, developing innovative or online projects, sharing or imparting knowledge and expertise, or fostering product and service reach reach.   We work within our network of trusted associates to put in place modern and innovative solutions and make these available for an online audience. 

In the process we look to improve or enhance project or business value through modern means.  Our key initiatives center around leveraging digital marketing, improving social extension, and quality technology to support various off-line and on-line business or consumer services.

Telreia.com also has a hand in developing or producing creative online content, we work to refine and or organize content delivery, and foster the establishment of key foundations to encourage, develop, and or assist in production of great local and online artist works.  

The projects could be anything from a social media snippet,  a website that needs to optimize its offering, or a specialized media project which could involve video production, or projects where a supplementary bit of content media is needed to highlight an event.  

Our Key Services 

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A recently founded project with a modern e-commerce B2B and B2C platform supplying quality technology, lifestyle, and  branded products. The platform is in its early stages but is showing a growing number of interest  it is 100% managed via Telreia.com.

Catch the summer breeze with some great tech deals through obiz.co.nz  just in time for the new year

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Is the Telreia.com website hosting and domain management engine.  It is also where we work on web support, analysis, and optimization strategies for web-business 
Currently working on some new initiatives to be trialed over the southern summer to bring on more SEO plans to work alongside the existing web hosting options.  Also a more streamlined platform which should be available shortly

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Our diverse social engagement engine providing the means to interact through music, podcasts, video vlogs or blogs all with a spin on local and cultural engagement.  Its fully automated with the capacity to feature special kaupapa korero, SouthCoast Live streams periodically but soon should be able to take on more air-time over the summer months. This is also managed via Telreia.com and over the next month should offer more room to grow and connect with our base of inspiration;  the Tapu Te Ranga Marine Reserve in Wellington

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Brand Re-Purposing

The World is Changing Weather We Want it or Not

First Steps First

In a technology driven world such as today, keeping up with the good and positive, may be a better fit than holding on to the inflexible archaic ways of past strategy.

Perhaps not so much a leaving behind, but more of a re-work , we still need the policy framework developed in corporate strategies, and business fundamentals, but perhaps update it, give it some tweaking so it can work with current trends most favored in the overall workplace.

Take another look at remote working, work from home, or a blend of both, perhaps part-office, part-home type of set-up.  Surprisingly productivity does not seem to suffer with this kind of blended work mode, in  many cases it appears to improve results rather than hinder them. 

Take up the green challenge, or clean energy challenge, it would be good to see the Amazon forest last another 500 years or more, and other areas of the planet keeping their diversity of life.  We can all benefit from being a bit less exploited by our dark drive for resource and economic freedom.  

Refine or Define

Refine the Brand, can it be updated, or should it be updated.

This can be thought of as the identifying visual element of a business, a logo, tagline,font etc. In more recent times this has grown to include other elements of business, such as reputation, consistent brand voice across channels and marketing consistency.

 Think of your Brand as a person
- Your mind is your story
- Your voice is how you communicate your story
- Your clothing is what your brand looks like- ie colors, logo etc
- Your limbs are all the ways you share your story - across multiple channels in different ways.

"Think Recession as being more of an opportunity to change-up the gears"
(abridged) .

Playing to the World View

Not always easy to do, but I guess if the small cogs turn well, the bigger ones turn with it, or at least in some part they may. 

With the shift to lower levels of Covid alert in some places, businesses can now take better stock of the opportunity to start growing or prepare for growth again,  change is not an easy one, many businesses have closed or down-sized, or cannot function without the other cogs turning as well. 

Remember borders will open again, and there will be a long line of eager patrons waiting to take that flight North or South (depends on what part of the globe), get your business ready, play the long game.

As with Strengths , Brands also have vulnerabilities, namely:
- External
- Industry-related
- Technology
- Lack of transparency

To put this into perspective, External is typically beyond a Brands control ie recession, viral video that puts a Brand in bad light etc.
If its industry related this could be in the form of a law change, or restrictions that have been newly enforced, anything that impacts your industry.

Lack of Transparency - even moreso in current times and the age of social media. This means you would need to become more informed than ever.

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Te Ara Mataki Technology  / The Power to Define

Domains And The Way Ahead 

You have a great website, you have spent hours, days and even months getting the layout and formatting right, now your ready for the main event, the showcase that brings your world in-reach of everyone else.  Its your work of art in an information hungry world.  

Te Ara Mataki Technology continues to be refined, whilst the base plans are in play, and some good ground has been found, there is still some way to go. 

Over the coming months , a newer interface will soon be in production, this will have a better set up for online payments and also some sparkling new apps to help optimize server technology.   The current platform works fine but more interactivity would be a considerable advantage.

Users can look forward to a more streamlined set up, more control over domain selection and also better web hosting access. 

There could also be some updated customization in terms of managing server time, certification upgrades, VPN and online dashboard features.

Also under development there will be an upgrade to the website, probably a more user friendly and modern feel to mainstream web hosting, web services, and domain transfers.

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The Social Media Class / SouthCoast Live

SouthCoast Live Website 

Slowly but surely, the power of the music rises to the occasion, after a period of deliberation, ambient thought, and potential to evolve further, SouthCoast live will soon have a more fuller presence online with an updated platform to grow and develop. 

Our journey goals for summer will look forward to increased play-out time, refining our schedule to showcase more blended media, update some old grooves, and overall  change and check-up hopefully with more variety and content.  This is already underway with refinement of the music source file and supporting databases.

No, we ain't super-huge, we are still quite small in our offering but nonetheless, we are there, albeit not all the time.  Our freelance content showcased through our Facebook tunes and grooves seems to do ok, and content wise hits some pretty good highlights at times.

The Vibe-Tribe revels in the cool capital coast, and Tapu Te Ranga Island being our adopted "Muse" with the Marine Reserve around its shores, and the South Island in the distance.  On a good day its a symphony, and when the sun falls it has an ambient bliss.   Pretty cool if you ask me.

Sometimes our stream gets lost among the pages of Facebook, the website should be able to better define the Streaming link, we can update and upload more interesting information and bits of media, also add a few community apps and topical kaupapa-korero sections. 

Another good reason is to highlight more video and online web series, also our streaming player would be more visible we still have some way to go before "Live" shows unfortunately, currently we work on a fully automated system, however in time we should have more active integration or voice-on-air presence.  

Our schedules will still vary, but that too should become more steadier and glossier over time, don't forget if you want to keep up with some of the latest waiata and songs, try our link to Apple Music while out on a run, or taking a stroll, even walking the dog, music is good medicine however way we engage.

"Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu"
"Adorn the bird with feathers so it may Soar"

Work With 

Keeping The Vision and Steadfastness

As we dive into the hand-book of inter-technological wisdom, having a strong vision of where one wants to be is a great motivator for change and success.  If you work at something long enough and keep refining it, there is a good chance that you will end up at the top of your game. 

I think knowing how to use knowledge effectively makes the difference, if you keep doing things the same way, you keep getting the same result.  This could become a handicap if it stays within the generations.  A good way to rise above a "way" or "lifestyle", is taking a long hard look at ourselves like knowing apples from pears, it starts with knowledge. 

(NB: Knowledge in itself is not the whole answer, you have to back it up with examples and actions, experience, and personal drive).  

So from the long paths of past days, our tupuna discovered in order to soar to the highest tree, and the greatest of horizons,  it was prudent to arm one-self with new knowledge,  let the tools be sharpened, evolved,  we already know more about things than we think, our world and the changes within, depend on how well we do as a whole

We have many teachers, many tools of wisdom, we also need to cultivate that wisdom, wisdom and experience to know when things learned from before, are no longer as relevant, or need to become more relevant. 

Yes, things have changed, and many have found their voice to say no: we do want a different path, time for the  the archival banners of empires past to be cast aside long have we lived to the beat of the old drum its threads have folded, its color faded, it groans and grinds, and echoes in a dull hollow.

Te Wiremu

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Success is not singular but one achieved through many, Telreia.com would like to acknowledge the following organisations for their valued and ongoing support.

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The Cyber Files / Waihau City Tech

Giving It A Go In Online Shopping

Its been a couple of months since Waihau City Tech was launched as an addition to Telreia.com, to our great delight we have also set up on obiz.co.nz and this seems to be garnering promising results.  The core product base has begin to take shape, and new products are getting updated as regularly as they can. 

Big shout-out to our suppliers who have seen the potential and came to the party, your support is incredibly encouraging and greatly valued, definitely a big part of making these early days as successful as possible.

With user base continuing to grow and although a tough year to start a new project such as this, we stand un-daunted in rising above the challenges through post-covid 2020.  A big shout-out to those who have tried their best to keep alive, and stay the purpose a big "kia kaha" to you.  

We will keep being as optimistic as possible, when coming out of Covid 19, we can continue to work towards a better position in the online space.  Early test runs for product have gone smoothly, and we continue to be encouraged with capability to get products to customers in main centers within 1 working day, and 2-3 working days  for others.  

This is promising for consumers which means less waiting time for that stylish gaming console, or if your old monitor needs a revamp. obiz.co.nz has some good brands in technology and small business utility, with some good growth curves on the horizon confidence is high. 


Shop EZ Aotearoa  at  www.obiz.co.nz

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Please write us at any time you would have any kind of concern or question. We would enjoy to help you.

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