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E-RETAIL  & SUPPLY, World of E, and its affiliated associates, are proud to have the opportunity to build and grow Obiz Aotearoa


Obiz is a dynamic one-stop shopping platform.  Its goal is to offer a modern online market place with a variety of technology and lifestyle products,  and increasing awareness of sustainable and indigenous product purchases

Product Preview

The Obiz Factor

Simply put, providing a better balance of products that have been sustainably managed, manufactured, or processed, leads to a new world conscious that will; over time become embedded in the new E-Retail environment.

General products are still welcomed however sellers that actively demonstrate sustainability in their business will be able to receive clean green gift certificates, and coupons through the site. At some later date, perhaps even receive a measure of carbon credits. 

How is Sustainability achieved?

Sustainability could be demonstrated through providing a complete product description about the sustainable benefits of the products available for purchase. Sustainability can also mean, actively pursuing a paperless transaction process, using renewable or eco- conscious products, or actively participating in offsite activities that promote renewable resources. Other ways can be contributions to renewable or eco-friendly organisations

What other Benefits are available

The platform has been modelled along existing examples of online commerce; the site features secure payment gateways that allow for seamless settlement of seller proceeds at the end of the month. A powerful customer and seller dashboard that can be customized and edited for product and inventory management, image uploads, and a personal favourite, electronic delivery for downloadable product s and media such as software, MP3 media, and music files. Users can also become Sellers at the click of a button


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How does this compare with other e-commerce platforms?

The Obiz platform can easily do a lot of what the bigger more complex platforms can do; without the massive outlay in the back-end, it has unique New Zealand roots, and has been a kiwi aspiration for many years

Network Reach

Obiz has access to many main online networks, social media and trader marketplaces. These can either be global or nationally based.