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Who We Are

This is our go to portal for our customized sound and video development. Its an empassioned dive into an exciting and new online broadcasting world within small media production.

SouthCoast Live aggregates and cultivates news twerks, stories, and content from various sources bringing together interesting and contemporary discussions through its popular forums, independent productions, and third party platforms

Our Reach

The SouthCoast Internet Stream broadcasts over a handful of social platforms, community forums, and associated websites.

We are located near the Wellington South Coast within the Tapu Te Ranga Marine Reserve. The "Cool Capital Coast" boasts, enjoyable beaches, good diving, and rugged landscape. It continues to be a haven for marine recreation, study, and its long standing South Italian fishing fleet.

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SouthCoast Live

Featured Video from the SouthCoast Live Archive


Tungia te ururoa kia tupu whakaritotito te tutu o te harakeke
Set the overgrown bush alight, and the new flax will take root


Whatungarongaro te tangata toitu te Whenua
As man disappears from sight, the land remains


He au kei uta e taea te karo, he au kei te moana e kore e taea
You may dodge smoke (au) on land, but you cannot dodge the current at sea

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What We Do

"Ahakoa he iti, he Pounamu - Although it may be Small, it is a true Teasure"

Radio Stream / Netcast

A variety of popular music from all genre streamed through our third party platform. We have a broadcast schedule that varies with times and date, however it mostly plays over the weekend.


Custom podcasts gathered from various perspectives, some are homegrown topics or korero. However podcast producers and newsfeeds are encouraged to submit their podcast for inclusion in our weekend broadcast stream

Video and Web Media

Random, specialist, or freelance web and video content. Some are produced or arranged, most are creative expressions of popular ideas, themes, and stories, some are taken from historical kaupapa korero.

Live Streaming

Pre-arranged live streaming or on-air interview of local talent, community icon, or SME. Somtimes it can be project related, however most times its a means to express a topic of interest or activity.

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Whatever project or questions you have, feel free to get in touch with us