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Social media has presented a two-way communication for marketers with customers.

Why is Engagement important?

Think relationship development and management. The more that the audience engages with your brand, the more awareness builds, the more likely you are to convert leads. Modern consumers are smarter and sceptical than in years past – they know a cheap sales trick when they see it. 

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The Cash Bells Do Toll

Maybe the bells are ringing loud and true, yet again the Royal New Zealand Yacht Club appears to have pepper-sprayed the idea of having the Americas Cup defence off-shore.  Even it seems the current Team NZ lead Grant Dalton, believes the value of the cup lies in offshore investment.

I moot that point entirely, the amount suggested for defending the cup are really speculative at its best, and the margins built in to support the millions, serve only those key supporters, manufacturers, and so called services who hoist the costs over and above the actual costs that it takes to make the business break even.  Break it even business people, reduce your expectation to get 7-11% profit rather than20-50%

The Americas cup,  as are a lot of the business services, are all products of the condition of the capitalist machine, capitalism is no real value in itself, one can still do enough to be ok, but capitalism is not the value, it is the act of partaking in it, it is a condition of behaviour.  It is not an inherent value.

If you put the capital process at the heart of your drive in life makes you greedy, it puffs up your pride, and like much of the NZ National parties ideologies of the past, the know how in running a business, is far from an actual act of managing a nation and its assets.   Ca n you balance the returns for everyone, for example in ways that help the impoverished, in ways that help others , not just those who work hard.  We all work hard one way or another, but it does not generate millions for many...don’t get sucker- saluted into the conditions of attitude, and merit, and the adage those who “work hard” gain the nice meaty bits in life.

Drop it National it is not the way in the upcoming century, the dominance of the Capitalist Machine has to end.

Look at the state of New York, even London Financial markets no longer perform, and all the worlds capitalist take on things,  has made China the economic power house it is today.  America you have a lot to answer for in that arena, it was your leadership that guided others into putting all the cookies into China just for the sake of getting more bang for your manufacturers buck.

And look…your now setting the stage to curb their dominance in the Asia Pacific region, perhaps sending them all those nice little Christmas cash cookies all those years has made you jealous,.. ho ho..Sob sob... I’m not the big boy on the block as I used to be, your fault from this writers perspective

Regulation vs Non Regulation - Curbing an appetite for destruction

The financial and corporate ideology had strong growth from the end of WW1, and WW2, so much had been broken down, won and lost, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Dictatorships, the biggest battle was between democracy and communism, one where the people have more of a say, and one where the leading political party does.

Sometimes having to be led , restrained, and regulated may actually be a positive thing, because if you give credence to individualistic gains, ideals, and an “I do it my way cause it is my right” actually it becomes an issue because those who don’t practice restraint end up eating everything at the table and leaving nothing for anybody else.

Here China the lesson is served to you as well, don’t go eating everything on the table now that you feel a bit of wealth in your pockets , welcome to the disease of capitalist gain, and greediness for more to fill that growing hole. The world has been there and continues to do so, stab that dragon now and be done with influence and control on the worlds already highly reduced natural resources.

If you hold, a gun, to someone because you think you deserve that right to shoot them, or you shoot them not out of fear or self-defence, but because you got a gun. Again, it is there, in your conditioning, and when you look back on your so called “founding fathers” and find the sun didn’t shine from their glowing shoulders, well welcome to your true state of being, no matter what you hide or dream up, this dark and callous condition is in your descendants pretty deep as well.


Indigenous and Cultural Determinism 

From days past two types of world views have grown to new levels of prominence, the view of the Indigenous, and the view of the Colonial, is this a radical new order, or is it more a shift in conscious consensus, the lens provided in the indigenous view is founded in protection, enhancement, a parlaying of balance between a philosophy of a given quality of life, as opposed to a philosophy of Colonialism and how things should be.

The colonial proponents are numerous, and have foundations in imperialist principals supposedly afforded through a nations right of conquest, a vilifying of non-conformist culture, tragically drafted and ultimately driven by some such as the catholic church of old.  

The Baubles of discovery, a guiding document of the day for empire building nations that espoused the rights of first nation peoples. While much progress has been done, the document of discovery still exists in its raw form, such a document needs revision, and if such were to provide the guidelines for on-world and or off-world development, then it would need to be reframed entirely

To that end, founding documents of significance, which do more to recognize the indigenous and first nation’s people rights and quality of life have already laid the groundwork for the future; we are at our best, when we have equality and freedom to ascend to who we have always been, without retribution. Therein the indigenous, and the first nations, can level its philosophy from an instance of retribution, to one of reconciliation. The indigenous “lens” can be challenging, and some battles are hard-fought, the nature of one “lens”, over riding or deriding another, i.e. the natural, vs the man-made, the sentiment of the nobility, derailing or successively manipulating the common, or the different, the combination of the two, constant in opposition.

But the lens need not drastically change an existing approach that gleans benefit for the many, or the individual, the lens of the indigenous, works and balances with the same over-arching qualities of the colonial in terms of protection and enhancement of the family, the resources, recreational pursuits, environment, and commoditized supremacy (language, culture, native song, dance, and art) only the priorities are more non-tangible, and the enhancing qualities are more in the immaterial


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Soil Leaching  why  the affects are so drastic in NZ

To explain soil leaching or nitrogen leaching, it is what happens when rain or water soaks into the soil area where the nitrates sit around the plant root system and due to the added weight and flow, inertia pulls the nitrate down with its flow (as water soaks down further) to below the area where the plant has its root system. It’s quite different from a soil run-off scenario. 

The nitrate soaks into the soil and then into natural waterways, rivers, and streams, this affects that bio system through increasing the growth of algal blooms, toxicity, and robbing the underwater organisms of much needed oxygen and nutrients then need to survive.  Many NZ rivers and waterways are badly affected by this kind of behaviour, although government, councils and local authorities continue to address this, the level of commitment needed by all parties concerned pre-dominantly in the intensive farming sector, still remain embattled in a rivalry that
spans generations. 

The scope of farming process is constantly under review, however the side- affects are formidable, and much of the NZ riverscape and land management value is being reformed, and reshaped to help better reduce this practice.  Industry practices in areas of unethical de-forestation, man-made erosive processes, and generally poor management of water and irrigation conservation has led to wetland reduction, lower river and water levels, and the advent of climate change.  These need to be firmly regulated and transformed to enable positive change however such things will only work with a greater commitment to the cause, and or building up the appreciation of better farming and industrial methodology. / Perspective

Internet Ethics and The Vatican

For most part the Church seems to offer good support for the internet as a whole, but it carefully acknowledges that as it can be used in many good things, it can also be used in many not so good situations.

The ethics of concern stem for more of the internet’s propensity to express anti societal anecdotes, radicalism, and expressions of hate-speech. Whilst it is supportive of freedom of expression, and free exchange of information, the church is very aware that the same mechanisms that inherently grow and support the internet, can also be used in very negative way, the church sees its potential and sees its benefits in the globalization cognitive, but also commends care and the realism of the fact that it will be used in a way that it was not intended too.

The idealism presented in the internet’s foundation is praise-worthy, its capacity ushered in a “... exaggerated individualism… (Journal of Interdisciplinary studies; Pontifical Council, The Vatican, 2002) from one of the councils documents, though it emphasizes that the recipients of its expression would most likely be one of individual liberty to do as one pleased, it notions that such are as radicals as opposed to entrepreneurs, however acknowledged that there is a great deal of difference between the two groups.

There are those who would wish the internet to be a place for nearly every kind expression no matter how vile, or defamatory it may be, and those who cantankerously tinker, tailor, and trade in its commercial entirety. The latter being the most defining component to foster the neo-liberal globalization machine. The free flow of information, imagery, has and does, break down divisions, broadens educational and cultural horizons, and promotes human development in many ways.

The level of expansion and shared instances for making a stand, leveraging a cause, and the social connection are warrant enough to proclaim the common good. To this the church embodies it as supportive, temper it though it does, it condones ill-use in terms of ethics, and wearily cautions in the same regard 


Years of Neo Liberal Reform

Globalisation has led to more spread out populations, more diverse interconnections

 12% global trade affected by Ever Given incident on the Suez Canal, Suez canal is an important part of global commodity supply, i.e. the commercially structured movement of goods and value across networks

Maxing Out the Digital Divide

Put simply, the digital divide is an economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use of, or impact of information and communication technologies. It is the divide that exists between those who have access to internet technology, thereby enabling them to fully engage with modern information and global business, and those who do not, whether it is due to different socio-economic levels, education, and or household income levels.

Most of society has access to the technology, and this is reflected in many developed countries, yet, at the same time, the “gap” between those who have and those who do not is growing. Some areas are urban, some are suburban, and the interaction between computers and internet technology are fast becoming the necessary, and if there are parts of the population that are still struggling to gain connectivity, or have not got, at most, minimum access, this could see them actually becoming unable to fully engage with the greater community.

Documents from the mid to late 2000 outlined that computer, and internet access, will be how the world communicates, it will be how information is managed and passed down the chain, the mediums of print, radio, and mostly, forms of communication that don’t involve paper, will become transitioned to a fully interactive online format. As the world is now, much of this has come to pass indeed, and whilst there are many more diverse communities, aged and engendered classes of people who now easily navigate through the World Wide Web, and have access to computers or iPad and Smartphone technology, the divide it seems still has not completely disappeared.

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